‘Not All Great Minds Think Alike’ Workshop, April 20 2018: Amy Kelton, Shelton School

We are pleased offer a our spring workshop Not All Great Minds Think Alike’  facilitated by Amy Kelton from the Shelton School and Examination Centre in Dallas Texas on Friday April 20th, 9 – 4:30. This workshop will appeal to those working in Montessori classrooms at all levels.

Amy Kelton is Head of Upper Elementary programs at Shelton School and Evaluation Center in Dallas, TX. She is certified in Sequential English Education and the Association Method programs for the remediation of written language disorders, as well as advanced levels of Montessori Applied to Children at Risk.  Amy has worked with children with learning differences, within the Montessori structure, for 23 years


Learning Differences are present in 13-20% of the population. In Montessori environments, the percentage is higher. Guiding students with learning differences in a Montessori environment begins with understanding the constitutional differences in neurology and processing that define learning differences. This brief overview will be the foundation for the subsequent presentations and new learning you will acquire.

Children with learning differences and attention difficulties often have challenges in organizing their work and prioritizing their work choices. This can lead to under activation, feelings of inadequacy/anxiety, and withdraw from work. This workshop will explain how to recognize the types of attention deficits and support the growth of executive functioning skills, offering strategies to help these children develop organizational skills. Amy will also be sharing some points about “Helping Children Navigate Self-Esteem”

Professional Development certificates for 6.5 hours will be provided for all registered participants.

VENUE: Selkirk Montessori School,  2970 Jutland Road, Victoria, BC

Registration fee:  $75.00 for the full day workshop includes Coffee and muffins and lunch.

Register online through EventbriteProfessional Development Workshop

Note: When you buy a ticket for the PD day, the buyer only has to enter their Credit Card once, but needs to add each individual teacher’s name, their school name, and choice for lunch if buying multiple tickets.

Sponsored by: Vancouver Island Montessori Association